Astor Piazzolla and a New Work by Rihards Zaļupe

The great intrigue of the third concert of the “Riga Festival” is the new work of Rihards Zaļupe, “KOSHI”, or variations for an an amplified marimba written specifically for Guntars Freibergs, to which the first part of the programme has been dedicated! With extensive experience in a variety of genres and an impressive creative catalogue in which, along with symphonies and extended vocally-instrumental opuses, there are choral works and chamber music pages, as well as music for movies such as “Nameja Gredzens”, “Tizlenes” and “Nebaidies ne no kā”, Zaļupe is also known as a master of percussion performance, therefore, the composition dedicated to his colleague Freibergs, the recent recipient of the Grand Music Award for an outstanding performance throughout the year, is a particularly welcome event. A proud recipient of the aforementioned prize is also Aigars Raumanis, who in the second part of the programme in the Small Guild will play alongside one of the most vivid Latvian musicians of the new generation – the percussionist Reinis Tomiņš. This harmonious duo will celebrate the June 7 concert with music rooted across the globe — Gabriela Ortiz in her Estudio Tongolele plays with the rhythms of her native Mexico; meanwhile the Japanese composer Akira Yuyama in his work Divertimento invokes the diverse colors of marimba; in Triptych the French grandmaster Claude Pikoro creates charming contrasts; the tango king: the world-renowned Argentinian Astor Piazzolla excites with his aching and passion-filled sonic art.


Astor Piazzolla, Claude Picoro Akira Yuyama, Gabriela Ortiz, and Rihards Zaļupe (premiere)


Aigars Raumanis, saxophone
Reinis Tomiņš, percussions
Guntars Freibergs, percussions