The Ring of Latvia. Latgale. Concert show "Sounds And Scriptures"



Folk songs and Sacred Scripture, ethnomusicologists and priests, live voices and archive recordings, the Latgalian spirit that hides in the people, their experiences and wisdom.
Through the ages the unique Latvian cultural heritage still maintains one if its most interesting phenomena – the interaction and artistic merging between the Catholic Church and traditional folk music. The sound is like a heartbeat, like the beauty of the Latgalian words and their soul; it’s a sense of honour and piousness. Andrievs Jūrdžs: ‘The heart is like a kokle with two strings, from one radiates joy, the other fills with sorrow. The fingers of destiny pluck these strings relentlessly – from wedding songs to war songs.’


The Latvian Radio choir, folk musicians, priests
Musical director and conductor: Sigvards Kļava
Video artist: Katrīna Neiburga
Stenographer: Rūdolfs Baltiņš
Light artist: Egils Kupčs
Director: Inese Mičule