The Ring of Zemgale Cinema concert “In the Tides of History”

Zemgale is the land of the plough and the sword, of fertile soil and of death. The land of military marches and funeral music, of time-honoured legends and confident brass bands playing at open-air dances. Wide, tilled fields turn into battle fields and burial grounds, and then yield crops again. From the fields of Zemgale sprung forth Latvian literary language, our first presidents and politicians, great poets and poetesses. Zemgale is as wide as its horizon, and Latvia flows through it like the river Lielupe whose tides bring together the rivulets of souls dispersed in the plains of history.

Inese Zandere, libretto author


Latvian Radio Choir, Latvian Radio Big Band, soloists
Musical director and conductor: Sigvards Kļava
Libretto author: Inese Zandere
Director, video artist: Roberts Rubīns